Give Your Unit Its Best Chance To Turn Profit

Your rented space needs to be cared for properly, whether something needs repair or if you need to upgrade between tenants. This will not only help you retain your current tenant, but it will help attract future tenants because nobody wants outdated space.

Make sure you choose a contractor who cares for your unit as much as you do. For complete remodels or minor upgrades, look no further than J Lee Construction LLC.

Complete Renovation Services

Get affordable and reliable contractors who have over 20 years’ experience. You will not be talked into extraneous spending, and our team will dedicate time to discuss where your money is going with every project so you know you’re getting the best quote.

Update Between Occupants

  • Townhome renovations
  • Apartment renovations
  • Duplex renovations
  • Repairs after move-out

Make Your Vacant Space Make Money For You

When your unit is vacant, you’re not making money. Trust us to complete the job quickly with quality workmanship guaranteed. Get your space back to working for you sooner with J Lee Construction. Call today to schedule your FREE estimate.