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Protect yourself from hidden costs

Protect yourself and your investments by getting your new home inspected properly by a certified home inspector. The worst kind of surprises can be hidden in the walls or foundations of a newly purchased home.


Trust an expert with over 20 years of experience inspecting homes to make sure that you're not making a costly mistake with your home purchase.

You can't always see what's going to cost you

When you're purchasing a new home, you may think that giving the home a once-over would be enough. If you're not a trained inspector, you could miss impending repairs that could cost you thousands of dollars. Don't risk your investment, call today!

Inspecting your home from roof to foundation

•  Complete structural inspection

•  Electrical - HVAC, wiring, etc.

•  Plumbing

Serving your friends and neighbors for 20 years

You need to make sure that you're checking into every kind of contractor you let work on your home, including home inspectors. Please ask for references when you call to speak with one of our staff about scheduling a home inspection.

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